Comments from clients

The 15 minute phone call offer

"Thanks for the phone call the other day.  I felt a lot better about the issue after I has spoken to you.  I needed a sounding board". 

Ruth offers a 15 minute phone call at any time between coaching sessions.  People take up this offer when a particular dilemma arises and they want a sounding board outside the organisation.

The coaching notes

"Thanks, Ruth.  Your notes are really helpful for reflection.  Since we met I have followed up with my staff member along the lines we discussed and I am making progress". 

After a coaching session Ruth send a note which covers the key progress since last time, the agenda that arose during the session and any actions that the person intends to take.  This note has many uses, both as a reminder of commitment to action and as a record of key issues and achievements. 

Using the coaching session to make a plan

"Kia ora Ruth.  Yes the planning session with the team went very well.  I found our session yeterday very helpful preparation.  I opened up the proposal to the team for comment and the final plan we came up with was close to what I had discussed but better!! We have also set a date to review the plan.  So at the end of the day it was a win/win situation and everyone was pleased with the outcome."

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