Dr Allan Moffitt - Director Primary Care Counties Manukau District Health Board

"I met Tony Spelman in 2007 when undertaking a consultation with the community about the future of primary healthcare in Māngere. He articulated the need for community ownership of health in primary care and since then we have worked together to implement a community-led approach to primary care development in Māngere."

"As a GP I realised that we needed to so something quite different to make a positive impact in people’s lives and that the system often gets in the way rather than assists people taking control of their health. The MICH programme has developed using a community development model. Tony’s leadership of MICH has been outstanding and I have learnt a great deal from him." Read more about MICH http://www.mich.org.nz

Raema Mackay - Area Manager Community Probation Hamilton

"A number of my Service Managers have been receiving coaching from Ruth Spelman since 2007. Ruth brings an independent perspective to their work and is adept at skill development. Her use of Lominger assists each manager to reflect, not only on their work skills, but helps them to cultivate behaviours that will contribute to the successful management of their teams. Service Managers value their time with Ruth and see this as essential to their development."

"One manager commented: Ruth has assisted in keeping me focussed on my areas of development, helps me put issues into perspective and her use of reflective practice has enabled me to develop skills in separating the pertinent points from all the noise."

Colin Dale - City Manager 1985 - 2006 Manukau City Council

"Tony Spelman produced outstanding work for the Manukau City Council in developing an educational Tool Box on the Treaty of Waitangi for staff, elected members and the community. It was recognised both locally and nationally as an exceptional product and unique to New Zealand Local Government."

"Tony's work in forming strategic responses to the Treaty of Waitangi for the Council and management provided leadership in developing the two world view. All his work greatly assisted Manukau being at the forefront of engagement with Māori and the quality of staff responses."

Iris Pahau - National Development Manager Community Sector Taskforce

"Tony Spelman has been able to articulate the way a Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi Relationships Framework operates and has made creative and practical applications of it to the work of both Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti groups and organisations in the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector."

Alastair Riach - Area Manager Community Probation Waitemata

"I am impressed with the way Ruth Spelman keeps me up to date with new approaches to management coaching.  Ruth is informed about the academic basis of the Lominger framework she uses and I am confident in the coaching methods she uses with managers who report to me."

Pat Snedden - Chairperson Housing New Zealand Corporation

"When Tony Spelman worked for the Housing New Zealand Corporation in 2002 he provided for the first time a systematic approach to the complex issues of Treaty and Māori responsiveness relevant to the work of a New Zealand Crown Entity.  Tony’s work to address the Corporation’s capability to work with Māori took us forward and gave confidence at Board level and throughout the organisation."

Sue Vickridge - Manager Hamilton

“Ruth’s insight into the dynamics of middle management has been very useful. Her approach is professional and encourages a wider view of the situation. Ruth is a consummate and intuitive listener and her questions show an accurate assessment of the situation."

Jock Walker - Reference Liaison Librarian Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

"Ko te kai a te rangatira – he korerorero"

Grant Hewison - Senior Associate Kensington Swan

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Tony Spelman for over a decade. In particular, I worked closely with him when he was the Manager, Governance and Democracy at Manukau City Council, exploring new territory by looking at the question of how communities participate in the affairs of local government as well as the effective development of sustainable Tiriti/Treaty relationsips with Mana/Tangata Whenua."

"In this role I worked with Tony on the development of the Manukau City Council 'Treaty Toolbox'. Te Tiriti/Treaty 'Toolbox' was designed as a practical guide for Council staff to use in their work. It contains useful information about the Tiriti/Treaty today and serves as an important example of how one major organisation is working positively and productively with the Tiriti/Treaty in the workplace. It is seen as a shining example of Tony's work and vision throughout the local government sector.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tony and The Spelman Group Ltd."

Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua

Colin Waterton - Probation Service Manager Hamilton

"Ruth didn't tell me what to do but did help me to see things from another angle.  Ruth guided me to work things out for myself, clarifying and checking.  That was very useful."
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