Facilitation in Community Organisations

Ruth works with community organisations as a facilitator of meetings.  These include meetings between staff and the Board which require an understanding of the different roles of management and governance.  Ruth recently provided a six session programme based on developing facilitation skills to a community organisation.  The participants on this programme wanted to learn how to:
  • listen  "behind the words",  listening not to rebut but to hear the other person
  • name the difficulty in the group in a way that leads to options to solve it
  • deal with the small issues promptly
  • recognise when an issue is better parked for the moment
  • be alert to the danger of blaming within the group

This group developed understandings of listening, and practised noticing upset in themselves and in the other person.  They practiced skills in identifying areas of agreement and areas where agreement has not yet been reached and they enjoyed practising the Describe, Impact, Specifiy, Reassure model in situations where feelings are involved.  They also practised skills in working with banter and in giving feedback and acknowledgement.  Some of the most challenging learning was around identifying underlying issues.   As part of the programme the group worked with its own real issues and saw how the skills being developed were useful in real life situations. 

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