Executive Coaching for Public Sector Managers

Public sector managers have high expectations placed on them to deliver quality services. Many managers want to get better at what they do and want something more specific than a training programme.

The Spelman Group works with the manager to set development objectives making use of Lominger competencies to achieve a clear focus. This ensures that goal setting for subsequent coaching sessions is sharp and relevant.

What happens in a coaching session?

In coaching sessions the manager outlines a dilemma or situation and the coach listens and contributes questions designed to achieve clarity. The coach brings knowledge and experience of the public sector environment and uses the technique of active listening when working with the manager. The coach listens for content and also for patterns of behaviour and those "aha" moments when the manager recognises something about himself or herself and sees a way forward. In coaching there is a strong emphasis on encouraging reality checks and identifying options for future action planning. This is quality assurance for personal decision making and agreed future action.

Results from Coaching

An ongoing professional coaching relationship helps people produce real results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations. Through the process of coaching, people usually extend and deepen their learning, improve their work performance and enhance their quality of life. This naturally has benefits for the organisation as well.

Our offer

  • An initial no obligation session to check your needs and how we might help
  • Up to 6 coaching sessions at your place of work at a time that suits you
  • A review of progress after 6 sessions with the option of further sessions

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