Competency System Development Māori and non-Māori perspectives

Competency systems benefit from continuous review.  It is important they fit well with the organisation's form and function.

Sometimes as the organisation shifts, so too do requirements for knowledge and skill.  This can require the identification of new competencies.  It can also mean retiring some existing ones. 

The process of ongoing organisational change may require a reorganisation of the overall mix of competencies.  If this is done well, you can ensure that your competency system is more sharply connected to the nature of the organisation's work.  This will have significant benefits for staff and their productivity in the workplace. 

Services from The Spelman Group include the following:
  • Reviewing current competency statements to check the fit with the organisation's diverse functions
  • Identification of the implications for the competency statements for the cultural mix within the staff of the organisation
  • Application of cultural competence to all competency statements from a Māori and non-Māori perspective
  • Identification of relevant indicators for the operation of your competency system.

Contact Tony or Ruth for a no obligation discussion of your thinking and expectations leading to an approach that will suit the development of your organisation and its people.
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