Why can't they see things as I do

Kerry came into a senior management role in a new organisation with lots of relevant experience and tons of self confidence. She had always been successful, at school, at university, in jobs and in life generally and was always looking for new challenges. Her initial excitement at joining the new organisation took a tumble after six weeks when she realised that there was a heavy emphasis on procedure and technical knowledge. With the help of her coach, she identified a need to learn how to deal with paradox and ambiguity, specifically how to maintain her own independent thinking and yet become part of this new organisation.

What was getting in Kerry's way
Kerry had already started sharing her ideas for change with other managers and came to realise that she was seen as someone who put down people who didn’t catch on quickly. Kerry needed to gain the respect of the managers reporting to her and also to gain the respect of her fellow managers and her boss. With her coach Kerry identified her fear that her original idea might not be agreed by the whole group and she would lose control when all team members gave input.

This realisation enabled Kerry to begin to build her own facilitation skills.  Part of this included developing the skill of slowing down discussion to ensure everyone remained involved.  It also involved developing the skill of working out what can be given to the group to decide and what remains with the manager.

At first Kerry struggled with accepting that going slower could achieve a better result. However after a successful team planning day during which she consciously built the team process rather than focus on her own specific proposals she began to experience the benefits of these new skills.

Kerry found that the coaching sessions helped her to identify the competencies she needed to develop and gave her a different way to assess progress and receive encouragement for the next challenge.

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