OK to work with cultural difference

Staff of local Councils are often called upon to engage pōwhiri and even to organise them. Managers are expected to engage Māori processes when civic visitors and others are welcomed.

Common questions are ‘who do I need to contact,’ ‘who are the mana whenua of this area,’ and ‘how is all this supposed to work in practice?”

An answer to the "how do I find out" question
In the late 90s the idea of a Tiriti/Treaty Toolbox was formed out of these questions in the Manukau City Council. The purpose of the toolbox was to make it easier for staff to engage these questions as fully and as confidently as possible.

The Tiriti/Treaty Toolbox has this name to communicate action. The idea was if you have the tools and you can use them then you can act. The tools in the toolbox cover:

1. History of Māori migration in Manukau
2. Tiriti/Treaty Implementation in the Manukau City Council
3. Education, change management and relationship development
4. Council protocols for blessings, openings and welcomes
5. Consultation with mana whenua, taura here and urban Māori
6. Marae in Manukau City
7. Core competencies and the Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi
8. Waiata, mihi and karakia

Having access to this knowledge and way of working has given people confidence to do their jobs well and to develop sustainable relationships with Mana Whenua and Māori in the area.

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