Management competencies - what to work on first

Many dilemmas faced by managers become easier to handle once the person can name the competency that he or she wants to develop further. For example,
  • The boss who is frustrated with one of his team focusses on the competency "motivating others"
  • The manager who has "an impossible staff member" begins to work on how she manages direct reports
  • The manager who thinks she has "a boss who doesn't listen" works on developing a variety of communication styles
  • The manager who feels out of step with the organisation learns how to identify paradox within organisations and to find ways to turn frustration into constructive proposal.

There are many ways of developing management competencies and experience on the job remains one of the best. Managers also have access to many training programmes.

A more individual approach
However a more individual approach that names the competencies that the individual wants to develop has won international acclaim. The descriptions of management and leadership competencies developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger in the USA are known as the Lominger competencies. Ruth is trained to use the Lominger competencies.

Managers find the guided process to discern and name the competency they want to work on very helpful. They like the choice of developmental remedies offered for each one. The process involved in naming the competency frees people up to focus on practical tried and true remedies that lead to improved productivity on the job.

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