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Since  2002, The Spelman Group has been working with clients in the Public Sector and the Tangata Whenua,Tony_Spelman_Director_The_Spelman_Group_Ltd_Picture_1_1.jpg Community and Voluntary Sector on ways to empower people in organisations to do their work more effectively with others

The two Directors are Ruth Spelman and Tony Spelman who each work in different parts of the consultancy.  From time to time they collaborate on joint assignments where the focus spans their particular specialities
Ruth_Spelman_The_Spelman_Group_Ltd_Picture_1_1_1.jpgTony's work has a focus on organisation development, change management, working with the Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi in organisational and community settings

Ruth's work has a focus on executive and management coaching, working with organisations and individuals, facilitation and board governance work in the Public Sector and within the community

Our core values and beliefs are:

  • Working independently of organisations frees us to do our best work
  • We have the skills and experience to facilitate the development of people and organisations
  • We work with integrity, respecting others' aspirations and worldviews
  • Each person has the capability to take responsibility for themselves and to act for the good of communities

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