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No more uncomfortable cultural moments

Improve the capability of your staff to engage and develop relationships inside the organisation and within culturally diverse communities through staff education and managed organisational change

Coaching with insight - get it right first time

Work with a coach to clarify what you want to achieve, identify relevant competences and discover strategies that will work for you in the knowledge that you will be be supported to do your very best

Service provision that matches the aspirations of the community

Tailor your services to particular communities to empower them to engage and participate comfortably on their own terms rather than have them battle with the system, wiht you and each other

No more struggling to engage properly with Tangata Whenua

The Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi Relationships Framework is a socially inclusive model that can enable you to engage and build sustainable relationships with tangata whenua and diverse tangata tiriti communities

Case Study:  Learn how to work with cultural difference


Jim had been admitted to hospital for a serious condition. He was a teacher, in his 40s and was expected to recover well.

On the day after his surgery the doctor wanted to find out how he was feeling and dropped by the ward. There was an elderly Māori man sitting with Jim.

When the doctor arrived, Jim said very little and closed his eyes. 

An hour later he called for assistance and told the nurse that he had been in a lot of pain all morning. He said that he couldn’t speak to the doctor about it because the doctor had not greeted his kaumātua who was there with him.

Several weeks later the nurse mentioned Jim’s case at a review meeting. The staff asked themselves:

  • What were the assumptions being made about the process of Jim’s recovery
  • What was going on for Jim when the doctor came by
  • What does care for the patient look like in this situation

The doctor realised there was a lot to learn about Māori rituals of greeting and she remembered Jim when three weeks later she found herself in a similar situation.

The Spelman Group can help you work more effectively on issues like this.

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New Research

Catch up on current thinking?
Tony Spelman has completed a study on the use of the Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi Relationships Framework in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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quote.gif  "One of my managers recently commented: Ruth Spelman has helped me put issues into perspective and her use of reflective practice has enabled me to develop skills in separating the pertinent points from all the noise."

Raema Mackay - Area Manager Community Probation Hamilton
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About Us

The Spelman Group is committed to assist people:
  • find their own voice as individuals and within organisations and act

  • work appropriately in Māori ways when making changes in the workplace

  • develop community leadership and take positive action on community aspirations

  • build communities and organisations using a Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi Relationships Framework

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